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28 December 2009


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A Twitter and Facebook refusnik for a long time,  I started tweeting using @iMcKenzied a few years ago at someone’s encouragement and like it. I had to prefix my name with an “i” because “McKenzied” had already gone on Twitter. 140 characters is a good discipline for someone prone to go on a bit and who lives a busy life but I increasingly feel the need to expand on some topics. That’s not necessarily because anyone will read it; it’s more like therapy for me or to avoid my bursting a blood vessel somewhere. Hence “McKenzied”, as in you’ve been. Can’t claim the credit for it. That goes to my very good friend, none better,  Tim Dawson, who let’s face it has been McKenzied more than anyone over the last nearly three decades.

So if you visit here from time to time you’ll find: mainly politics from my, the rational, end of the Labour Party; a strident atheism that has grown steadily from the second order agnosticism of my university days; and witterings about other stuff. One day I may care if you read it and desperately want you to come back or link to me or whatever. For now, I’ll just be happy to get something written once a week.

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